For Handicap Travelers

Are you a host, an agency or guest service representative and are receiving or know of the arrival of a traveler with special needs?

Here’s some advice

Make sure to ask your client or guest:

What’s their disability and how can you make their stay easier? Don’t feel bad for asking, they know they have some limitations and understand that you’re asking to help them.

Check the infrastructure

Make sure the rooms, public areas, restaurants and transportations are safe and easy to access.

Let everybody know

Send a notice, email or memo to every person involved in the service, as well as the maintenance department. It is possible that the client requires help to use the electric devices in the room. The information allows us to be better prepared to receive our clients.

Additional help

If the hotel infrastructure does not have helpful accessories in the bathroom or ramps in key spots, there are temporary adaptations that can be used as portable ramps or furnishings and extensions for the shower or bathroom that can be quite helpful.

Adapted transportation

If your client has mobility limitations make sure to hire or request a transportation unit with ramp for transfers to the airport or even for excursions or tours. Remember that this service is special and it’s necessary to book it an advance with enough time to guarantee it. Request a quote here.

Interesting note

Travelers with disabilities or special needs are a rising market. Nowadays, in Europe, these travelers represent a very important economic gain since they’re frequent travelers and they regularly travel accompanied, which makes them more attractive for tourist destinations.

Mexico & Accessible Tourism

Mexico is beginning to understand this market and improving little by little. Our attitude and proactivity help us to improve every day.

Information to Consider

  • A professional caregiving service is a significant contribution for the emotional wellness of the senior citizens that require company and personal attention.
  • Our caregivers also serve as babysitters or assistants for couples with little children.